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Our lives change drastically around the every 10 year mark.  Think back throughout your lives, in decades past.  If you notice the patterns, you can prevent or alter future happenings for better or worse.  I cannot stress enough the value of a Soul Realignment reading.

Which reading is right for you?  



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As you know, I’ve been in class for over a month now.  I’m in the home stretch of getting my certification for soul realignment readings, and launched the new reading website! [#sorrynotsorryshameless plug!] http://www.needareading.com .  I’d say in the past month I’ve pretty much done almost everything I set out to do.  The next step is creating wealth.  I’m still figuring out that part.  I’m hoping it will be like a head and shoulders commercial.  I’ll tell two friends, and they’ll tell two friends and so on.. and so on.  I’ll also offer a huge discount on the soul readings!  If you’re a follower of the blog and you’re interested, contact me at info@needareading.com and Ill send you a big fat discount coupon to use!  I haven’t notified any friends or family yet of the discount.  It will only go to the bloggerverse for now.  So share this blog post-feature it on your facebook pages, your snapchat accounts and your instagrams.  Contact me at the email above and I’ll forward you a customized discount code.

Pay it forward friends!


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