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I started reading at the age of about 16, then for multiple people at the age of 18.  A neighboring pack of good old gals showed me the ropes.  Like speaks to like.. as they say.  And very early on I realized something about all the good readers.  It takes TIME to develop your craft.  It takes hard work and time.  I can’t add hot water to this and make it an instant overnight success.   I have had steady and faithful clients now for over a decade.  Not only does it take time but in my younger years I realized that these readers were older.  They had time to do this full time.  They have spent years honing their intuition and gifts.

I am now in a very good position to do just this. No longer are the trappings of the 9-5 for me.  I have time to devote to the craft and nothing but the craft.  And this is what I’m going to start doing.  Every day until the end of 2020, I will give away one free reading to the first person that contacts me.  One question, one answer.

I look forward to reading for you!



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Remember when all you needed was a quarter to call home?  Every child knew what a card index was and how to use it?  Phone books arrived on your doorstep once a year and weighed 3lbs each?  Times now are nothing like they were.  With technology comes responsibility.  Unfortunately there are two sides to every coin.  Have you noticed the overwhelming North American culture spreading like a pandemic?  Gun violence-Domestic violence-bullying-predators as far as the eye can see.  Children being taken in broad day light from shopping center parking lots [with cameras mind you].  It is a sick and disgusting fact of life today-when the news has nothing but shootings and violent crimes being reported all day, every day.

This existing plague on humanity did not grow or spring up over night.  It’s been growing and people are just now [thanks to social media] having it thrown in their face.  Plastered across the media outlets.  What are we as a society supposed to do?  Education is key.  TRAINING is now key.  Preventative security measures MUST be taken.  Do you think our mothers and fathers [60+ years ago] would have EVER needed to think of getting a bullet proof backpack for their kids? NO SUCH ITEM WAS EVEN AVAILABLE! Now you can go on Amazon and get them for your kids like they were sneakers or wind up toys.  The best offense, is a primed defense.  Please-stop depending on the teachers of today to parent your children.  THAT IS YOUR JOB.  If you don’t have the time then you BETTER MAKE TIME.  Their future depends on it.


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Every day, we wake up to new challenges.  Every day, there are natural disasters, acts of hate against the planet, against the humanity we call family and friends, neighbors and colleagues, and for no reason.  Celebrities go on media campaigns throwing hash tags out like #lovewins and #alllivesmatter [which they do you know-this is not a color thing-its an all living matter human or not-thing].  And hopefully they put their money where their mouth is, and that’s great.  That’s what people who can give, should do.    But what about everyone else?  What about the millions of others that watch in disbelief and despair.  The ones that don’t have extra money to give?  Well, we will do the only thing we can.


This is what nurtures and sustains the human spirit.  This is what keeps our dreams alive and gets us up out of bed every day.  What is life, if not hopeful?  Our intentions weave the very fabric of our being.  A little kindness goes a long way.  You think it doesn’t make a difference?  You would be wrong in that thought process.   The kindness you share today, becomes someones inspiration for tomorrow.  So please-pass this on to as many people as you possibly can.  Make it a point to share with the people in your lives, on your facebook pages, just one post from one person is all it takes.  Make it a point to keep HOPE today.  Because tomorrow brings an entirely new set of challenges.


my hope

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Did you ever stop and say to yourself “I chose this.. I chose it all”.  Actions are never without consequences, or reactions, good bad or indifferent.  In an attempt to lighten the mood this week [I am knee deep in class alligators] I will provide an analogy of my own.

I am a plus size human!  I chose to eat fried chicken or burgers last night.  And clearly I continue to do so because I am not a size 12 😀  I know this.  I’m not fat because of a family condition, or stress eating, or anything else for that matter.  The donut gets picked up and eaten people.. .LOL let’s be perfectly clear.

If you don’t like where you are, the amount of money in your bank account, or who you’re with? Get OFF YOUR ASS and do something about it.  The universe is at your fingertips.  Don’t tell me that nothing is coming to you but you’re WISHING it would.  DO THE WORK.



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The past few weeks have been a complete blur.  Most of it happy, some of it disappointing, and there is no doubt a little dash of sadness interlaced within interaction.  I was in the car yesterday morning thinking about everything on the way to work [as we all do because car time seems to be the only quiet time we give ourselves [we’re forced into it these days] and I have come to the conclusion, that none of this matters.  Not the job, not the dates, not the sheets on my bed, or even the new joy of my life [which happens to have paws lol].  Here is the bottom line, and it applies to every area.  Money, emotion, mental awareness, status, observance.  At the end of the day.  That’s it, those six little words will draw you back from every emotion, obsession, uncomfortable place you have woven yourself into.  Too much thinking and what if’ing situations in life lead you to this statement.

Stand back, and say these words to yourself.  At the end of the day.  And the direct correlation to this?  It really doesn’t matter.  Life is just not that serious.  No person is that big of a deal no matter what they mean to you.  No material object, no amount of financial wealth.  The only thing that matters at the end of the day is if you have learned from it.  You were given 24 more hours to enjoy, love and live.  When you wake up tomorrow morning, remember what I’ve said.  Don’t waste the day on what if’s or wrapping yourself into balls so tight you can’t breathe.  Learn to laugh.  Learn to love yourself even more than you did yesterday, and learn to live as though you’ve never known fresh air.  Most importantly, be KIND to yourself.  Everything in this life you project outwards, is what you project inwards.  Start with self, and let it grow.





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