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I started reading at the age of about 16, then for multiple people at the age of 18.  A neighboring pack of good old gals showed me the ropes.  Like speaks to like.. as they say.  And very early on I realized something about all the good readers.  It takes TIME to develop your craft.  It takes hard work and time.  I can’t add hot water to this and make it an instant overnight success.   I have had steady and faithful clients now for over a decade.  Not only does it take time but in my younger years I realized that these readers were older.  They had time to do this full time.  They have spent years honing their intuition and gifts.

I am now in a very good position to do just this. No longer are the trappings of the 9-5 for me.  I have time to devote to the craft and nothing but the craft.  And this is what I’m going to start doing.  Every day until the end of 2020, I will give away one free reading to the first person that contacts me.  One question, one answer.

I look forward to reading for you!



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In case you’re wondering what the new year holds in store for you, let me give you the heads up in feng shui terms.  2 + 0 + 1 + 8 = 11, 1+1 = 2.  That’s what you should be focusing on.

So here is a very basic meaning of the energy of numbers:

0 – void, nothingness, potential

1 – unobstructed flow of energy, new beginnings

2 – balance, choice, cooperation

3 – creativity, family, self-expression

4 – stability, grounding, security

5 – change, resourcefulness, adventure

6 – calm, patience

7 – contemplation, self-evaluation, solitude

8 – infinity, abundance, success in business

9 – highest number, accomplishment, attainment

What needs to happen this year? weight loss? quit smoking? make more money? The possibilities are endless.


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Removing the dust

I have moved several times in the previous years thanks to predetermined life chart shenanigans. I can honestly say that I am fed up with finding space of my own, and have settled into the new place quite nicely.

Upon further review of my book collection, a very old ‘psychic’ workbook found it’s way into my hands today while digging through my unopened boxes buried in the closet. I dusted it off, grabbed my coffee and sat in the knowledge chair I set up in my living room. I wiped off the dust and reviewed the paper binded bundle of goodness. What is this? It seems I had read 30 or 40 pages already and bookmarked my place. Little did I know 8 years ago I would save it and never see it for an extended period of time. Two hundred pages later and a section on numerology the prediction of the day is this:

2. The attractive one

Balance is your goal. You look forward to marriage and children. Two is a symbol of partnerships and combining opposites, so you could also be a good diplomat. You like artistic things and you dress accordingly. You are gentle, passive and artistic. Peace and harmony are important to you. You powers of intuition are great but you need to guard your over-sensitivity. Use your natural intuition to follow the hidden path that fortune opens for you.

It just gets bigger and better from here on out kids, and once you step forward there is no going back. Will you be on the train?


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