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This is an unprecedented time in our history.  The existing pandemic has tested our ability to remain kind.  Shaken to our very cores, some of us have failed, and miserably at that.  I lost my mother to Covid [this is not to lament-only to prove a point] this year.  And yet, good can come from bad.  There is a silver lining in everything we see unfolding around us.  My actions, my choices during this period have tested me every day and yet I can STILL walk away with my head high and a smile on my face, with peace in my soul.  Knowing that at every turn I have made the best decisions for my loved ones and for myself.

So where is your smile?  Where is your peace?  You’d better find it.  Because living in fear can kiss ALL of our *sses.  Fear is not the way to go folks-no matter what decision is upon us.  Only kindness and love wins.

Regardless of the color of your skin

Regardless of the hardships you face

I PROMISE you-someone right now has it so much worse…



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