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I started reading at the age of about 16, then for multiple people at the age of 18.  A neighboring pack of good old gals showed me the ropes.  Like speaks to like.. as they say.  And very early on I realized something about all the good readers.  It takes TIME to develop your craft.  It takes hard work and time.  I can’t add hot water to this and make it an instant overnight success.   I have had steady and faithful clients now for over a decade.  Not only does it take time but in my younger years I realized that these readers were older.  They had time to do this full time.  They have spent years honing their intuition and gifts.

I am now in a very good position to do just this. No longer are the trappings of the 9-5 for me.  I have time to devote to the craft and nothing but the craft.  And this is what I’m going to start doing.  Every day until the end of 2020, I will give away one free reading to the first person that contacts me.  One question, one answer.

I look forward to reading for you!



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I realized that it’s been a few months in between posts. I honestly don’t know where the time has gone. I get emails from my clients weekly, asking me sorted questions, providing intimate knowledge about their lives and their well being and their own pursuit of happiness. It’s never something I take for granted. I am appreciative of all communication from anyone in regards to this blog, a reading, or whatnot. I could have a 6 hour conversation about germination as I told one of my colleagues this morning. But right now, I’d like to talk about that not taking anything for granted aspect of my own existence.

The other day as I was driving home from work, I noticed a man in his upper 60’s {possibly}, wobbly riding a bike down the side of the road, and as I watched him in my rear view mirror I saw the trouble he had just lifting the bike onto the curb. It was almost like watching a film in slow motion. It was hot out [of course, this was last month] and I decided to turn around, offer him water and maybe a little money for him to get a meal. But first on the list was assistance. I stopped the car, turned around and he was gone. This is an impossibility! So I looked a little harder and heard something rustling through the bushes. There he was walking his bike down into a creek to hide under a local bridge covered by brush.

Sir may I help you? I asked
No thank you ma’am he replied
Would you like some water? I asked
No thank you ma’am he replied
Would you please come take this money? I asked
No thank you ma’am he replied

And with that, he was gone. I was heart broken. I can’t save them all right? I know.. Fast forward a few weeks. It was dusk, I was exiting the freeway returning home from a relatives house. There was a beggar on the side of the road with a sign. I was the first car, and I watched him out of the side vision. He never once looked at me. He didn’t walk by the glass, he made no noise, he didn’t shake a cup, none of that. I finally looked over at him and saw a bike on the ground. THIS was my man! His sign simply read the following:

I’m sorry to trouble you but I am hungry
This is not a good place to be-I am very sorry
to ask you for help

My heart broke. I gave him everything I had in my purse after I realized this was my guy. And now that I know where to find him, I look for him every chance I get.

It doesn’t matter what you think they’re doing with the money or the food that you give them. That’s none of your concern, it’s not your karma. YOUR karma is the kindness and good deed done. The season of giving is coming. Every small act contributes to your own personal karma. I ask that you remember this the next time you see someone on the side of the road.


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When seasons change depending on which one it is, you’ll see higher or lower input from me here. You would think I’d run out of things to say [I ask myself this all the time] but oddly enough here is another self realization. There is something about putting your own vulerabilities in ink that make you face your rationalizations and hold you accountable for your decisions.

I am a big proponent in the belief that people are not disposable. The question is are they toxic, do they deserve the energy or is it yours to ration? I am here to tell you that it’s all YOURS. I find myself in more social situations in the past two months than I have been in, in a year. There is no reason to hymn and haw over would have could have should have. If you don’t know a recent acquaintance or if you’re dating or trying new things, don’t worry about what kind of energy you spend or if you even want to pursue getting to know these people. You cross paths for a reason, but there isn’t always a lesson in it. I should take my own advice and lighten up right? RIGHT!

Things I’ve learned this week:
My niece has the gift
Bumble bees don’t sting
The colors of spring flowers make me awestruck
Shiny and sparkly things draw me to them like a magpie building a nest

What makes you smile? Pay into the karma 401k this week kids and you’ll get it back ten fold. Put a piece of citrine in your wallet so that money is drawn to you. Take stock in your home and practice the art of feng shui. Ask the cosmos to bring you what you want [not just what you need].


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People ask me my religious label all the time.  There is no way to describe what I am, so for the sake of simplicity I say Pagan.  Because it is the elements I am closest with in this dimension.  However, the Taoists, and the Hindus and the Buddhists have a lot to say about the way the world works.  I am in the process of manifesting something very large for myself.  The material object itself is not important.  It’s symbolism and the hope it brings however is.  In a personal way it represents self achievement and preservation for only me, not for status significance.  Because I cannot tie myself to material things in this lifetime [albeit still love them from time to time-everyone loves a luxury].  I read something in one of Deepak Chopras books about Hindu manifestation and found some fascinating items I’d like to share.  Special thanks to G. Beesley for the following information and sharing it with the world.

Hindu Attitudes Towards Suffering
Because Hindus believe that all experiences are the result of their karma, or actions, they are more able to accept their suffering. For them all suffering is an inevitable consequence of their being reborn into samsara and the material world. From a positive point of view, the experience of suffering can act to spur the Hindu on towards practising virtue and therefore creating good karma, as well as abandoning non-virtue by refraining from creating bad karma. Finally, for those with higher religious aspirations, suffering causes Hindus to seek liberation (moksha) from the cycle of birth and death.
From a negative perspective, a belief that suffering is the result of karma can lead to a cynical attitude to the suffering of others: ‘He deserves everything he gets; he created the cause of his pain’.
Hindu Attitudes Towards Wealth and Poverty

Generally speaking, Hindus see wealth in a positive light, viewing it as the result of previously created good karma. Artha, one of the four aims of Hindu life, encourages Hindus to earn an honest living, a sentiment echoed in theLaws of Manu.   Varnashramdharma rules state that those at the householder or grihasta stage should provide for their family via an honest living through wealth accumulated in a way appropriate to their social class or varna.
While those in the upper varnas are encouraged to practice generosity as a means of karmically maintaining their status, the poorer varnas are encouraged to maintain their practice of artha in order to purify the causes of their poverty and create the cause for wealth in their future lives.

Hindu Attitudes Towards the Created World
a) Animals
Animals often experience great suffering. As with humans, Hindus have a duty to practice ahimsa or non-violence towards them in order to try and relieve their suffering. However, while an animal rebirth may be inferior to a human one from the viewpoint of the amount of pain experienced, this does not mean that animals are inferior to humans: both are worthy of ahimsa, both are beings that have been reborn into samsara, both are subject to karma, and both have an atman or True Self within them. For a Hindu, all that separates animals and humans is time!
In some cases, animals may even be considered superior to humans: because gods often appear in animal forms in the Hindu pantheon, those animals are considered to be manifestations of the particular deity they are associated with. For example, monkeys are seen as the god Hanuman, elephants are seen as Ganesha. Again, the cow is highly revered in Hindu religion, its body being seen as the dwelling place of the gods. Because the god Shiva’s mount is the bull Nandi, they are also seen in a divine light.

b) The Natural World
The natural world is treated with respect by Hindus because it, like themselves, is part of god or Brahman, the Supreme Spirit. As a result, if they damage their environment, Hindus believe they are creating negative karma. And so, before a building project is started, for example, Hindus will perform a puja to ask the god’s permission. During the puja, they will make offerings to the gods and ask for their blessing that the project is successful.
Mountains such as Kailash in the Himalayas are believed to be the home of the gods and are therefore important places of religious pilgrimage. Again, just as the river Ganga (or Ganges) runs from the Himalayas, the river is considered to be a manifestation of the god Shiva and is sometimes shown in pictures of the god, sprouting from his crown. Bathing in the Ganges is said to purify bad karma and its water is said to have miraculous healing properties.

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I have attempted many times to explain throughout this blog about karma and how it’s cause and effect checks and balances system works and more importantly apply to you in your daily life in this dimension.  This is one of the most coherent and well phrased statements about karma that I could share with you.   The phrase comes from Deepok Chopra:

Karma has been mistakenly interpreted as fatalism.  If you are fatalistic you believe that no action you take will make a difference.  Karma implies exactly the opposite.  It is a critical part of the theory of karma that “as you sow, so shall you reap.”  When Christ delivered this teaching, he was stating the version of karma that most people in our culture have heard of.  Sowing and reaping are metaphors for cause and effect;  the teaching is that whatever you put into the universe, the result will be commensurate.  If you give away money, money will return.  If you give away love, love will return.  The universe, under God’s grace, is seen as a place where no debt goes unpaid.  Because it stretches over many lifetimes, the karmic balance sheet isn’t worked out from day to day.  It is perfectly possible in the short term as we all know to give away money and get nothing in return, or to deeply love another and be rejected.  How, then, is the concept of karma useful in everyday life?

Those are words to sleep on..

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My cup runneth over

This week I have been overwhelmed with client requests.  It happens every January at the start of a new year.  New hopes and dreams come into play, new cycles of energy and changes in life.  There is one client in particular  has exceeded so many levels of kindness. Thank you Terri, my cup runneth over.


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There is no room in this life for the belief of coincidence. Every action is coupled with reaction. Ever sequence of events have nothing to do with randomness. Before your reincarnation you decided if today was going to be a good day or a bad day. You have also decided to consciously make yourself aware, and ask yourself this very question before you awoke.


The extra dollar you tip wait staff for good service will return to you in the form of money found.

The change you gather to give someone reaching out with an empty hand will find it’s way back to your pocket three fold within the next four weeks.

The sandwich you take to the elderly neighbor will manifest itself into a banquet of opportunity in 2 for 1 the next time you go to the grocery store.

There are no coincidences my friends. You are walking the path of choice, and predestination. If you settle for a life of average, you will live in gray. If you accept a spouse that is ‘good enough’ you yourself are walking a minimalist line never to experience extraordinary experience. If you however continually ask yourself and understand the premise behind the hope of what is to come, and never sell yourself short while mindlessly doing things for others and never looking back-this is when you are able to experience true joy, true serenity and true understanding.

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Lately I have been looking for instant gratification.  A new material item, iced coffee in the morning, or someone at my beck and call when I need to talk to someone.  It all ties together you know.  I also know why I indulge the behavior.  Here is what I have learned about it.  If you’re doing these things for personal gain, self indulgence, or pure selfishness is it ok?  Why wouldn’t it be?  Other than the fact that it won’t get you further on the path than you already are.  I believe we call it personal R&R.  Sometimes humans need to decompress.  There is a difference between indulgence and destructive behavior.  Are you continuing on a path where life revolves around you and you alone?  Doing for yourself is a very healthy thing.  Taking care of yourself and creating a self sustaining world I may add, is healthy.  As long as there is no expectation of others involved in that world-you’ll be fine.  It is when you live on the expectation of others that you deviate from the path and sabotage yourself with disappointment.

It really comes down to need versus want.  Are you creating and more importantly sustaining an environment to fulfill your needs?  Or are you surrounding yourself with false pretense of wanting continually.  Please do not misunderstand me.  It is good to want things.  It is good to want to achieve and constantly strive for better in your life.  It is only when the wants turn selfish that you destructively chip away at your own foundation.  And if you continue to want selfishly, you end up with no ground to stand on.

Check your emotions, check your environment and check your influences.  These three things are the core of your being.  If you do not have balance in one, then your entire world is off kilter.  These to me are the holy trinity of human existence.  What is the purpose of todays thought?  Instant gratification of course!  You get what you give kids….we know this right?  So be good to yourselves and project what you need or what into the world.  Pay into the 401k on a daily basis, so that on the days you need to take your personal withdrawals, your karma account will always be in balance.

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