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My pug is 12+ years old now and he’s been sick quite frankly, since he was 3 months old.  After DNA testing and many different research projects I have come to realize that he was a breeding experiment used to create a “pugabull”.  Hence, his health problems.  Don’t get me wrong-hes a happy go lucky wonderful little guy, always has been. And I want his life!  But in the past 2 years he’s become diabetic [not uncommon].  I would just like to share the information my better half and I have discovered about this boy so other pug parents can lighten their load so to speak, and have many options.

  1. Pugs/dogs in general can be picky eaters.  If your pet doesn’t eat, he can’t get his insulin, and that creates havoc and a horrid cycle of never knowing what to do at feeding time.  It’s pure stress on the owner.  We have discovered 3 key options when feeding our boy and it has been consistent for weeks now.
  • creating a low sugar diabetic meatball and sprinkling half over his food enticed him to eat.  We just use turkey, fatty ground beef [otherwise its too dry and they may develop stool issues] quick oats, and some oregano.
  • sprinkling a little shredded cheese over the meal [we call it the stink factor] really gets him investigating everything in the bowl and he eats 99% of whatever we put in there now
  • in the mornings-I was noticing he would randomly NOT want anything to do with his bowl, OR the homemade meatball!  My better half read up on the subject-it seems that dogs can get a sour stomach at night, building up bile [specifically diabetics] and that if we gave him just a little something before bed, that would subside, so turkey meatball tastings were in order.  We now make the meatballs big enough to cut into 3rds.  One piece for both meal times, and one before bed.  Weeks later I am  happy to say he’s eating every day without fail!

2. If your animal has gas issues, it’s a direct result of what you’re feeding him.  We feel [sometimes] that variety is the spice of life for our fur babies, and this is just not the case.  It can be harmful to them and their digestion.  One KEY FACTOR of a diabetic is how much water they drink.  If you notice that your animal is going for the water bowl immediately after you feed him a specific kind of treat STOP giving it to him.  More water is due to a salty dehydration factor, and that also means the animals sugars are out of whack.  Stop that immediately.

3. Just because your animal likes all kinds of treats from the same brand, doesn’t mean they are good for them.  Please check the kcal on each treat type and find the lowest one possible.  Once you’ve done that stick to the same schedule and do NOT give them treats all throughout the day.  Remember you’re trying to be consistent, this is a senior animal and pugs especially are ALL about the food.  Don’t let them troll you into the guilt treat! lol..

And finally, never EVER say to yourself “he’s old.. he can have whatever he wants now”.  Do not fool yourself into making that mistake.  They can NOT have excessive sugars/treats/intake throughout the day.  Keep them healthy and happy-and you can only do that by giving them what they need, not what they want.

I wish you and your fur babies happiness and health in this ever changing 2020!

Love, Sonic, boo boo, and G ❤

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