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This is everything.. this is the reason you say to yourself  “I can …”




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Very recently I experienced a great life lesson.  Not all life lessons are bad, and all are most assuredly needed and planned.  I stated in an earlier post somewhere in the blog that if you want something bad enough, you can achieve it.  You need motivation, drive and most importantly belief in oneself.  Instant getification and fighting the good fight is part of a daily routine around here.  After all you are the only one on this earth that takes care of you right?  Wrong..  The cosmos takes care of us as well.  I have no doubt my dream will become a reality.  Just not this year.

The word to remove from your vocabulary this month, is defeat.  Let no individual, circumstance, or happenstance come between you and your dreams.  Everything happens for a reason.  Try to learn from it.  God knows I do.


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