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About once a year, I end up connecting with a client in ways I could never foresee.  This person, although I am familiar with her, I know of her, hellos and goodbyes often without conversation, I am not on an intimate or friend level.  She was just a kind woman I see every once in a while in the local businesses.  Last week I offered her and the other employees at her place of business, soul realignment readings.

I have to mention this as I have done many times before but I know we have new blog readers and followers so let me clarify this for all.  When a medium [of any nature] receives AI in any number of ways [dreams voices, sketching, conversations etc] its quick.  A very large piece of information is downloaded [for lack of a better word] in a matter of one or two seconds.  I don’t know how else to explain it.

Fast forward to today’s reading.  As I was working through the blocks and restrictions one by one, as I’m dowsing with my pendulum, my brain kicked into high gear.  There were a cluster of blocks and restrictions that I stopped on, because they were key.  I knew there was one reason all of them were present.  Without dowsing further the number 325 came into my head.  These particular blocks and restrictions occurred in her past life 325 years ago.  The conclusion was she had been part of the Salem witch trials.  She was not a practitioner of the arts, but an herbalist.  She hid her abilities and knowledge and took vows for the church.

I googled the Salem witch trials.  Of course most everyone on the planet with heightened consciousness knows something about that era.  But I will confess that I did fail History in high school lol!  It was boring, I did not pay attention.  Let’s get back to google.  What is the year?  It’s 2017.  What is 325 from 2017?  You will come up with 1692.  Go ahead and wiki the Salem witch trials.    Now mind you-ths movement spread like the plague.  It was not contained to the geographical location.  This was a global epidemic of fear.  But this is where it starts “The Salem witch trials were a series of hearings and prosecutions of people accused of witchcraft in colonial Massachusetts between February 1692 and May 1693…..”.

Today was a more humbling day than most others.  Find your own voice my friends!


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What makes you stop and think? What is it that makes your brain click into over drive? Is it how things work? Is it driven by financial success? Is it in a constant state of learning?  Everyone has something that keeps them going.  Motivation to raise their children in the best possible way, getting that new xyz, or is it just to survive? to get through every day living?

Is that enough? is any of that enough?  What can YOU do right now to work towards fulfilling the dream?

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Our soul has facets.  Imagine a beautiful crystal being held up to the light.  Notice how all the rainbows and flashes come through it?  Now imagine those tiny perfect lines missing from sections of your crystal.  Each incarnation we are born with our soul in tact [this has nothing to do with blocks and restrictions].  Severe emotional traumas, such as desperation, fear, anger, or victimization are usually the cause of Soul facet loss.

No matter where you are today, no matter how much you think you are whole, it’s always best to “reset” yourself back to whole and restore your own soul facets.  I’m going to give you the information to do it!

The following phrase is in latin, it makes no difference how you say it, it’s the vibrational intent of the words.  What really matters is that you follow these simple instructions.  It takes 30 minutes approximately and you should have a way to keep track [paper and pen etc] of how many times you say it.

This process need only be done once.

  1. Wash the hands and rinse your mouth with clean water.
  2. Face East.
  3. Repeat the invocation below 108 times.
  4. At the end of the repetition, you may experience an inrush of energy that can be quite stong.

Sit quietly for at least 30 minutes after saying the following:

“Jeli: Tu autem Domine ne elongaveris auxilium tuum a me, ad Defensionem meam

conspice.” (Please note that proper pronunciation isn’t relevant to the process!)

 The translation is: But you, O Lord, do not withdraw your help from me: look towards my defense



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The holy trinity as I call it.  In the past 1-2 months I’ve embarked on a new quest.  I have a renewed sense of self, I feel empowered to conquer just about anything I set my mind to.  My teacher Andrea Hess always says “if you’re going to talk the talk you better walk the walk”.  I can and will continue walking the walk.  It’s time to get healthy.  My mind is sharp, my spirit is filled with joy these days, but my physical self isn’t having such a great time.  This lawn gnome has turned into a lawn bowling ball!  LOL…[humor at the expense of ones self is priceless if it makes you smile!].

I’ve done almost everything I possibly could to start back on my path to enlightenment. I’ve been sewing the seeds, it’s time to sew some more.  I have unlimited resources at my finger tips.  And we’re not talking money here.  We’re talking knowledge.  Knowledge is power.  Monday, May 8th, 2017 is day one of a physical transformation.

In the manifestation portion of the blog revival I cannot tell you how wonderful the results have been.  With very little daily effort, you’ll find your desires and affirmations will take on a snowball effect of their own.  So on this Monday I wish you happiness, I wish you peace, and I wish you prosperity.



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People with gifts, often don’t speak of them to their families or friends, out of fear.  Fear of judgement, fear of ridicule, fear of being a target for gossip, which is in essence passive aggressive bullying.  I’ve hinted for years that I can do this-but most just rolled their eyes.  It’s so easy to poo poo the things we know nothing about right? LOL..

I challenge you today to open up, and jump right into the metaphysical pool!  Say something, change perceptions, rise above.  I dare you to do the most EPIC belly flop of your life!  You have nothing to fear.  People who ridicule or bully with words, are nothing more than insecure themselves.   And remember, you prove yourself to no one.  So grab your towel and sunscreen and JUMP RIGHT IN!  There is nothing to fear here…




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As you know, I’ve been in class for over a month now.  I’m in the home stretch of getting my certification for soul realignment readings, and launched the new reading website! [#sorrynotsorryshameless plug!] http://www.needareading.com .  I’d say in the past month I’ve pretty much done almost everything I set out to do.  The next step is creating wealth.  I’m still figuring out that part.  I’m hoping it will be like a head and shoulders commercial.  I’ll tell two friends, and they’ll tell two friends and so on.. and so on.  I’ll also offer a huge discount on the soul readings!  If you’re a follower of the blog and you’re interested, contact me at info@needareading.com and Ill send you a big fat discount coupon to use!  I haven’t notified any friends or family yet of the discount.  It will only go to the bloggerverse for now.  So share this blog post-feature it on your facebook pages, your snapchat accounts and your instagrams.  Contact me at the email above and I’ll forward you a customized discount code.

Pay it forward friends!


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The light bulb goes on

Today is the day you rejoice and pat yourself on the back.  It’s time to own your achievements and accomplishments.  It’s just as important to tell yourself good job! as it is to reward yourself.  The real question here-is this:

If you can’t say good job, if you aren’t able to pat yourself on the back because you’ve done it or you aren’t in the middle of a project, …ummm.. why? what’s the problem?

Get on that..


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I didn’t say it, but I heard it today in my teachings.  Think about those words for just a moment.  How could there possibly be a positive connection between the two? Abundance…..Sacrifice.  One is a state of being and the other is an action.  Where does the cause and effect come from here?  That’s easy.. we sacrifice so that we can have abundance! Right?…no. Wrong…

Case in point [this is purely hypothetical and does not apply to me-however] Mr and Mrs human go to work to make money and get health insurance.  They play the corporate 9-5 game and even put in overtime occasionally for the extra cash at the end of the week.  They hate their jobs.  They choose however to stay.  They miss family time, or personal time with their significant others OR for themselves.  How is this in any way, abundant?  Let’s talk about Math problems.  A positive and a negative wipe each other out.  Where is the joy in any of that? In doing something you DON’T want to do?  Where is the abundance in any of that?  Just because you make the choice, doesn’t mean it’s a positive. Do not confuse IF/THEN scenarios with abundance either.  If/Thens have nothing to do with the situation.  You cannot justify the negative with an if/then.  You did however say yes to the negative choice.  “Well it’s not that simple Sonic!”  Yes, yes it is EXACTLY that simple.  You can justify it 20 times to Sunday-it doesn’t make it positive.  It’s called the lesser of all evils for a reason.



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Day 2-the Reiki experiment

I’m trying to stick to the plan, like a new diet’er tries to stick to a flexible eating schedule folks lol.  My biggest observations in 24 hours.. here goes.  I literally started my manifestation journey Tuesday,  3-28-17.  I created a pretty tall list for myself with 3 basic guides for manifesting everything I need.  Money equals freedom, period.  That was at the top of my list. Health is second.   And last but never least, the health of Sammy and the wealth of P.  Both beings of which are near and dear to my heart.

The results of yesterday

When I arrived home yesterday there was an open envelope from the insurance company. It was  a 3 figure refund check.  I also received an email on a high ticket item I’m trying to sell on ebay, that sat dormant for a month with no lookers and no takers.  I was also informed that when I left for dinner last night, I neglected to secure the latch on one of our doors.  The bottom line was, I was careless.  I have since forgiven myself and reaffirmed that I love myself and that zero guilt will ensue.  Normally I would beat myself up for days, even weeks about it.  But the truth is, the divine protected my home and my family and I am grateful in every way.

No green tea after 3pm!

I made the grave mistake of having 4 cups of green tea at dinner [so good..] but the caffeine sent me into an extended state of consciousness until about 1:30am.  I used that time to chant and meditate.  I LOVE whisper meditation, it’s my jam.  The room is dark, and you can barely hear the words coming out of your mouth but you know exactly what you’re saying and your breathing is controlled.  You feel everything going in and everything coming out.

If you think for one moment that your intent in the universe goes unnoticed, you are incorrect. All my love!


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