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I try not to watch the news.  Try being the operative word.  But just like a diabetic that sneaks that cookie, or a dieter that hides that hoho, I find my way to CNN and all the other news outlets online when I have the time.  Now generally-I don’t do politics.  There is no reason to get my overalls in a bunch [notice the term I used instead of what the common phrase called for? that’s because I won’t conform to ignorant statements either lol] over who goes left and who goes right.  My stance is humanity.  I don’t really care what you believe in, as long as you have a belief in it.  That’s fine with me.  I would also appreciate humans being kind to ALL living things, but I’m not stupid enough to think this is a reality in all parts of the world.  Hence, today’s post.


I am Andy Cohen Real Housewives obsessed.  The top 3 contenders?  New York, Beverly Hills, and Atlanta.  Sure-it’s all for show, and sure, it’s all scripted.  But you have to remember none of these first world problem having socialites are actors.  They have zero training.  In other words, sure they may live in a gated community but they aren’t royalty, they’re not the Obamas behind the gates.  The public has access to them on a daily basis.  They are criticized and critiqued socially every day.  Which is a pretty shitty way to live-but if you’re rich I guess that helps right?  Okay I’m babbling.  Here is the point-Lisa Vanderpump is from RHOBH.  She of all the housewives seems most genuine to me.  I’ve eaten at her restaurant many times, I’ve had in depth conversations with her daughter [very down to earth lovely people] about growing up in the Midwest versus the West coast] etc.  And so today, in my googling frenzy here was a story about Lisa and one of her beloved dogs that had recently passed.  I don’t follow the series any more so I went to her website just to make sure it wasn’t Jiggy [if you don’t know who Jiggy is-then boy are you missing out dog lovers].  It wasn’t-but none the less it was sad.  But Lisa had a link on her website called “Stop Yulin Forever”.  I warn you now-this is not for the faint of heart.  There is a town in China that has a dog EATING FESTIVAL.  They literally steal dogs off the streets, and steal local pets.  There is video of them driving on the streets with catch poles, capturing dogs with collars.

Now-please-before you get angry and sad and INFURIATED like I did-if you cannot handle the images of unimaginable torture to these animals I BEG you to donate-sign the petition and pass this on to your friend for signature.  I cannot go the website any more and stomach the images.  Some things in life can never be unseen but SHE is an advocate for them.  So PLEASE .. SIGN-Donate-PASS IT ON!  I thank you.



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Our soul has facets.  Imagine a beautiful crystal being held up to the light.  Notice how all the rainbows and flashes come through it?  Now imagine those tiny perfect lines missing from sections of your crystal.  Each incarnation we are born with our soul in tact [this has nothing to do with blocks and restrictions].  Severe emotional traumas, such as desperation, fear, anger, or victimization are usually the cause of Soul facet loss.

No matter where you are today, no matter how much you think you are whole, it’s always best to “reset” yourself back to whole and restore your own soul facets.  I’m going to give you the information to do it!

The following phrase is in latin, it makes no difference how you say it, it’s the vibrational intent of the words.  What really matters is that you follow these simple instructions.  It takes 30 minutes approximately and you should have a way to keep track [paper and pen etc] of how many times you say it.

This process need only be done once.

  1. Wash the hands and rinse your mouth with clean water.
  2. Face East.
  3. Repeat the invocation below 108 times.
  4. At the end of the repetition, you may experience an inrush of energy that can be quite stong.

Sit quietly for at least 30 minutes after saying the following:

“Jeli: Tu autem Domine ne elongaveris auxilium tuum a me, ad Defensionem meam

conspice.” (Please note that proper pronunciation isn’t relevant to the process!)

 The translation is: But you, O Lord, do not withdraw your help from me: look towards my defense



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Today we have a waning moon, rather we’re in the middle of a waning moon cycle.  But you would never know it.  Both myself and my girlfriend were victims of online attempted fraud [different sources, no connection].

Now what I find most interesting is that in a waning cycle, the crazy is supposed to be moving AWAY from you.  The waxing is a build up, so it is a good time to manifest things to come to you.  But right NOW is a time of release and purge.

Is the universe trying to tell me to stop taking on projects? I don’t take on other peoples issues, that’s for sure.  This is a good one to ponder…


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As you know, I’ve been in class for over a month now.  I’m in the home stretch of getting my certification for soul realignment readings, and launched the new reading website! [#sorrynotsorryshameless plug!] http://www.needareading.com .  I’d say in the past month I’ve pretty much done almost everything I set out to do.  The next step is creating wealth.  I’m still figuring out that part.  I’m hoping it will be like a head and shoulders commercial.  I’ll tell two friends, and they’ll tell two friends and so on.. and so on.  I’ll also offer a huge discount on the soul readings!  If you’re a follower of the blog and you’re interested, contact me at info@needareading.com and Ill send you a big fat discount coupon to use!  I haven’t notified any friends or family yet of the discount.  It will only go to the bloggerverse for now.  So share this blog post-feature it on your facebook pages, your snapchat accounts and your instagrams.  Contact me at the email above and I’ll forward you a customized discount code.

Pay it forward friends!


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be thankful

be thankful

The KIF project in theory was great, it had a rough start.  I actually had to get up, go to the bank, figure out what to put on the envelopes [how to have it not traced back] how much to leave, and all of that.  Then, it started.  Once the envelopes were ready, and the tape firmly affixed to the back, let the dash begin!

And can I tell you that I giggle every time I stick that envelope somewhere I know an unsuspecting person will find it.. LOL..

Life is good folks, soak it up!

Be kind

Be happy

Pass it on


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In 2005 I took a spill down a flight of stairs in my parents home very early in the am.  Now you may be wondering how a lawn gnome could miss a step, being so close to the ground and all.  The truth is, I missed 2 of them.  My foot went straight for the landing while being 2 stairs higher.  My head hit the floor and I passed out.  Thankfully no one was home.  I woke up flat on my back on the basement floor and I was disoriented.  I crawled to the bathroom and was sick instantly.  After a few rounds of ick [not going into detail here folks] I managed to crawl my way back upstairs, call in sick, and I went back to bed.  I took 2 tylenol and went to sleep for 7 hours.  After I awoke, I was sore but fine and didn’t think anything of it.  Don’t you think that if a human being hit their head on concrete hard enough to pass out, there would be some kind of damage there?  Bleeding?  anything?  You would think so right????  I would.  So what happened?  Nothing.  Nothing happened.  I am reading about famous people in the news today, and how parents around the world were alerted to this odd condition of brain bleeding if you are in an accident.

There are some things in this life that are within your control.  You have a choice of when it is your time to go and how it happens.  I hope you realize this.  You’ve already written it in your chart.  Your life was mapped out from the minute you got back.  This isn’t the end all be all finite lifetime of existance.  It’s one very small scratch on the surface of humanity and the cosmos.  There are other dimensions woven into our own, and we are all one big part of this cosmic flow.  Every thing you see, and everything you do not see has energy.  I’m going off on a tangent but my point is this.  I hit the concrete hard enough to knock myself OUT.  There had to be some kind of damage there.  And what happened?  Nothing….an idea is born when you give it life, and not until such time.  Good or bad.

Food for thought kids..

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Welcome to the first day of the rest of your life.  Yesterday is gone, tomorrow is not guarenteed so make it count.  Suck it up and do something you’ve been dreaming of.  What are you waiting for?  A personal invitation from God?  No regrets, no second chances.  How is today going to count?

Did you know that death is one way of giving the greatest gift of life?  Think about it.. seasons, organ donation, harvesting the physical vessel after the soul is done with it.  So much irony in this dimension.  Now go get your morning coffee and be inspired to do something you dream.


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The Christians believe a new life [a newly fertlizied embryo] has a soul.  Most agree that life begins at conception, and not when a heartbeat is detected at 18 or 25 days, or when brain waves are recorded as early as 43 days. Life has a very distinct beginning and is not the result of a gradual process of change and evolution over time.  Before I get the Christians and medical science in an uproar, there is a point to all of this.  It’s called free will.  Every living creature on this earth has free will.  That life you are carrying inside of you has it’s own free will.  When this particular soul made a deal with you to be his/her mother in this lifetime and reincarnate in the here and now, you must realize they too have free will.  Just as they did in making this contract with you, they also have free will to stay or leave.  Let the scientists tell you anything they want.  That your bodies own immune system rejected the egg from attaching to the uterine wall, hence miscarrying the life form.  It was nothing you did, nothing you could have done, nor did you have  any control over this life form.  They being of their own free will decided this lifetime was not for them.  For whatever reason, you and they both chose to make this bond/contract and fulfill each others request here.  There is no blame, there is no fault, and there is no “medical” reason you “lost” this life form.

For the past several months I have encountered an alarming and increasing number of women that have “lost” their child during the first three months of pregnancy.  I do not dare share this information with them.  As a human, you would have to see past the guilt, shame, remorse, anger and acceptance of this change in order to see my explination clearly.  It is entirely too heavy a topic to discuss with a new mother that has had her joy taken away from her.  The next time you hear or encounter a similar situation I ask that you remember this passage and think outside the box.  This is just one life of many and you are here for a reason.  Every experience brings humility, joy and learning.


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I was recently told about this book called “Why men love bitches”. As far as human behavior goes, I soak in as much knowledge as I can. One of my continuing quests here is to find out why people act the way they do. The divine can only spoon feed so much. You must make the effort to put yourself out there and explore. After I picked up the book at Borders I headed home and kicked up my feet with a cup of tea. After I started reading page after page after page flipping fast and furiously, I found myself making the following comments. “Yep..did that..yep…that’s me..yes that’s me..mmhhmm..nope never did that, no way won’t do that..yep thats so and so.. yep she keeps doing that and that and that”. Half way through the book I put it down and I highly doubt I’ll pick it up again. It is the “how to” manual for playing games with one another. And while I whole heartedly agree with her explanation of the reasoning a woman would behave certain ways, the underlying theme [which is ALWAYS unhealthy] seemed to be portrayed as a sign of weakness. So if a woman that continually calls a man is looking for security and reassurance, why is that person regarded as weak and co-dependent? Shouldn’t we be focusing on the underlying problem and how to make ourselves well rather than capitalizing on the how to be a royal bitch guide? I admit if you can find a way to make money legally on this earth at the expense of others who am I to judge you regardless of what it is as long as it hurts none. A fool and his money are soon parted. I know this! In a nutshell the book provides a behavioral tool to mask your own issues and insecurities. What does that say about the author? That she herself had become so jaded of an individual that she deemed herself qualified to share this infinite wisdom with women of the world. Gee, aren’t we lucky? Can you feel the sarcasm dripping from this post?

People, communicate until there is nothing left to give. Go within to find out why you are the way you are. Don’t be fooled into believing such behavior will make your world so much better. Why would you mask one behavior with another? Do you think at the end of the day when you lay your head on your pillow that you’re so much more ahead of the game? Did you notice the word? GAME. Don’t do it, don’t even think about it. Remove yourself as one of the pawns and do your own thing. Don’t waste your precious energy, it’s not worth it.

Understand yourself

Love yourself

Be happy with YOURSELF

Before you attempt to be happy with others


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Todays Inspiration

This is the most remarkable soul.. I hope you gather peace and inspiration from this little boy.

Brenden Foster’s wish

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