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Do you remember Ghostbusters?

The famous line “we came, we saw, WE KICKED IT’S ASS!”. I feel like this is the voice of the virus right now. States are going back on lock down and for good reason. In the past 2 weeks [because some family members decided it was OK to get together for turkey day] 8 members of my family contracted Corona. Thankfully none of them had to be hospitalized, but it was over 3 different generations ranging young to old.

Let’s mention the fundamentals of this incarnation-just the basics…

  1. Nature will always find a way
  2. Love and kindness win [ALWAYS]
  3. The universal karmic law never bounces a check

Life balance needed a way, and it found a way. Naysayers can believe whatever they want. The statistics are real. Before you run off to grandmas this year, please think again. Would it be SO bad to create new traditions in a safer way? Get creative-make new memories-come up with new electronic games, be SAFER than you ever have. I am not looking forward to January statistics.


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