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Brace yourselves..

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water. Swimming isn’t the best idea for boredom. I don’t need tarot orders or requests, I don’t need to make money with this blog. I have fresh air in my lungs, and food in the fridge. I have a warm blanket and a place to lay my head at night. Some people are in dire situations right now because of the pandemic. We are going on well over 6 months of people without their jobs, people losing their homes, children not being able to eat. But just when we think we’ve seen the worst of the worst, it’s going to go beyond the horror.

This holiday season I BEG YOU to stay home. I BEG you not to have family parties. PLEASE.. do not gather.. we are all still at risk, from the grocery stores, to the gas stations, to every single thing we touch. This is not out of fear, it is out of genuine concern and love. Look back through pandemic statistics after the July 4th holiday in the US this year. Numbers do not lie. People are still dying at an alarming rate. This virus is not done with us. The only way to force it out, is to sit and wait #alonetogether. Please pass this along to everyone you know, and tag it in other blogs.

I love you all,


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