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The 2020 Experiment

Following your own advice is difficult.  It’s not like having a cheat day when you’re on a diet, or a once a year spa day to treat yourself.  With your own voices, bargaining, reasoning, outside influence, world opinion, social media, family and friends ALL chiming in on what is good and right about any given situation…we forget.  We forget ourselves in the overwhelming current and get sucked away by the tide.  Being true to yourself is the one thing in this life you need to remember to be.

I’ve said it a million times, and feel the need to continue to remind myself and my clients.  LISTEN to your instincts.  You know when you’re sick, you know when a situation is good or bad, you KNOW if you meet someone and your spidey sense tingles not to trust them to just walk away.  So if you’re in a professional environment that is toxic, or a friendly party/gathering situation that doesn’t seem right to you?  Or you’re continually dragged through it by a family member that only wishes ill on everyone?  Walk away.

The experiment in 2020 is to remove all negativity.  Remove everything *you* think is toxic in your life.  Everyone wants to be happy but they don’t put in the work.  Anything good and pure deserves love and attention, like cultivating a gorgeous garden.  At the bare minimum here folks, isn’t a beautiful view what this is all about?

Think about it..Namaste


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