My lifes purpose

I’m living my divinity EVERY day as best as humanly possible.  And then, the universe turns around and gives you one of these.  A kudo, a pat on the back, a good job in the form of a seeker.  I’ve heard the most incredibly kind things from individuals in this lifetime, but they all touch me just as deeply and they are all so unexpected.  Thank you Jessica, my cup runneth over and now, I need kleenex!

A letter from one of my clients:


“I’ve had many, many readings in my life. I’ve seen gifted readers that have been spot on before, but what Lucy did blew my mind. This is not your typical reading. She told me things about who I was in previous lives that explain why I have such deep-seeded values that are different from my family’s in this life. She knew things about me that I didn’t even know till she spoke them and I realized on such a soul level that she was right. With just my birth date and place of birth, Lucy was able to connect with and relay specific information that it gave me chills. I’ve been toying with doing something more with one of my passions, and the information that she gave me about what I had done in a previous life confirmed to me that this was something my soul was called to do.

If you’re looking for a reading that goes beyond the surface “will you have kids” type stuff and really gets into why you’re here and how you can live a life that is in alignment with your soul’s purpose, there is no one better than Lucy. When I say the experience was life-changing, I’m not exaggerating.”


If you’re reading the media these days there is a windfall of bad behavior in the press.  Abuse, misconduct, degrading deplorable behavior.  I teach my kids always “if you see something, say something”.  Say something without fear, without judgement, without hesitation ALWAYS.  Reporting a crime will change your life for the better.  No matter how big or how small.  It could mean the difference of life and death to people too afraid to stand up for themselves.  Be BRAVE, be FEARLESS, be your BEST self, and that will always include helping others.


I have quite a few professions.  In no particular order I have worked in food service, retail, fashion, salons, real estate, and data collection.  I am always looking to learn something new, or create myself in new ways.  I have one primary job right now that pays the bills.  I’ve been doing it for a very long time.  There are men in this office, that speak a certain way at the lunch table in front of mixed company or new people.  And while I make my 0 tolerance policy known, he continues to skirt the issue because it’s his domain, like a dog that pee’s on a tree to mark a territory.  As long as the behavior harms none, there is nothing else to be done about it.

But I realized something very important today.  My words were calm and my intentions were clear, but he will continue to be whoever he is.  With no filter and makes no excuse for it.  Time to let that go in the office, I say to myself.  There is no sense in me spinning myself into the ground when I am the only one that is listening.  Sometimes you have to lose the fight in order to win the war.




The website for readings is fully functional and complete.  I’ve already started receiving requests!  So by now you’ve been reading the blog, you’ve been posting it on Facebook, and or tweeting, and or passing it along to friends and I sincerely appreciate it!

There are new testimonials, new pricing, and a new focus on what I should be doing.  Last nights awareness and session just reconfirmed my love for the art, and made me realize that I should be promoting it far more than I do.  This is the new goal.  So thank you for supporting my blog, and my message.

Namaste ❤

Region Capture

As of late you’re familiar with the Harvey Weinstein scandal and the board of his company that paid off several victims to keep quiet over the years for his predatory behavior.  NONE OF THIS IS ACCEPTABLE.


Please.. sign the petition!

Yesterday was an ordinary day.  Work has picked up, we’re busier than ever, tis the season so to speak.   I left about 5 minutes earlier than I usually do.  There are several ways to get out of the parkling lot.  The first set of turns to get to the expressway were jammed up with cars-so I snuck into the left lane to take a round-a-bout and get to the main road-where I could catch the highway from there.  Once again-I got cut off.  Not once, but twice by a woman who was clearly NOT capable of doing 2 things at once since she sat idle at a green light allowing me to honk my horn [maybe she was on her phone? maybe she just couldn’t truly hear any other sounds-who knows].  So within a matter of 3 minutes of getting into the car, my aggravation levels went from 0 to 60.  I felt the road rage swelling within.  I had changed my mind on the route home 10 times in the past 8 seconds.  I then got stuck [again] behind a red at the line because someone else hesitated.  At the red light, I noticed something out of the ordinary.  A bus with its emergency lights on, just sitting on the main road.  Traffic whizzing by.  There was no bus stop there-what’s going on? is he broken down? why is the door open?  I watched for about 20 more seconds.  I saw a ramp flip over to accommodate a passenger exiting the bus.  How lovely and accommodating, I thought to myself.  And then I saw the passenger.  It was a lovely senior gentleman properly dressed from head to toe, dragging a very large suitcase behind him.  He was barely off the bus before the driver flipped up the ramp, slammed the door in his face and zoomed off, leaving him on the grass in a cloud of black smoke from the tailpipe.

He had on dress shoes, dress pants, a dress shirt and suspenders [men of today do not dress this way-it has since been lost on them unfortunately].  His hair was combed neatly to one side, and he looked like he was in his Sunday best.  This man was standing on a sloped hill of grass, just looking around as if he didn’t know where he was.  But I knew where he was going and what he was doing on that corner.  My only question now was, how to get him off the side of the road.  I pulled the car over into traffic quickly and put on the emergency lights.  I then opened my window and yelled “are you ok? do you need help?”  He then proceeded to ask me where the local church was.   This isn’t just any church, it’s a safe haven for homeless people.  I knew as soon as I saw the suitcase that it was where he was trying to go.  I told him I knew where the church was, and that I would take him to it.  Now PLEASE-do NOT pick up strangers on the side of the road for no reason.  This is not what I’m advocating.  I am familiar with the local residents in need, I see them every day, and I often stop to and from work to offer assistance like food, clothing and sometimes umbrellas if it’s raining [I keep some in my car just in case].  This man was probably 75+ years old.  I wasn’t afraid of him.  I would have never picked up a 40 something.  And that’s why I did it-yes yes I know safety first-I’m a policeman’s daughter-I would never intentionally put myself in harms way-so enough about that.

The man said God Bless You, and tried to walk to the back of my car with his new suitcase.  You could tell it was new, because of how clean it was.  He says “be careful miss it’s awfully heavy”.  I responded it was okay, and I could manage just fine.  Then I walked to my passenger side and opened my door to help him into the car-he was confused “you know where the church is?” yes, I responded.  “You’re going to help me get there” yes sir, I responded.  Now let’s get you buckled in okay.  It’s just down the road.  In the five minute car drive we had together, I learned his name was Allen.  And that his suitcase was new, but awfully heavy.  He also had to make it to the church early because if he didn’t he wouldn’t get a bed.  He knew he had to wait but he didn’t mind.  When we got there, I escorted Allen out of the car, and got his bag for him.  Then asked him if he needed an umbrella? he replied “yes thank you”.  I then asked him to wait one more time, went back to my purse and gathered up my change and maybe a dollar bill or two, I don’t ever keep money on me.  I gave it to him and apologized wishing I could give him more and said that maybe there was a soda machine inside.  He took it thankfully and said God Bless you once again.  He then said “how did you know about the church?”.  I said “Oh Allen I know about about the program-everyone needs help from time to time you know-and sometimes I like to be the person that gives that help-that’s all”.  He smiled.. I told him it was a beautiful day, it’s not raining.. and it shouldn’t be long before they open the doors for him.  Then I told him not to worry-things will get better and to have a beautiful day.  He smiled again, said thank you and I drove away.

I cried all the way home.  I wondered what happened to him.  I wondered if he’d lost his family, or lost his way, or if he was just alone in life.  If he had made bad choices and hurt the ones he loved, or if it was just circumstance.  None of which mattered to me.  He was just a man, that needed a ride.  When I got home.. I was still upset, but my husband was in his own world.  It’s hard to understand me sometimes, or why I feel so sad about the state of the human condition when it comes to people that do not have a home to call their own.  But I did not fault him for it, he did not know what I had been up to.  When I told him I gave a homeless man a ride after work-he didn’t ask about it-he just jumped to fear and worry-and snapped “please don’t do that any more they aren’t stray animals and some people are dangerous”.   I appeased him with an “I know, I won’t”.   But inside, I knew all decisions after getting into the car yesterday, lead to Allen.  Just a man that needed a ride.

One act of kindness today-will influence peoples decisions tomorrow.  I hope this blog post finds you well, finds you safe, finds you healthy, and finds you peace.


Every day, we wake up to new challenges.  Every day, there are natural disasters, acts of hate against the planet, against the humanity we call family and friends, neighbors and colleagues, and for no reason.  Celebrities go on media campaigns throwing hash tags out like #lovewins and #alllivesmatter [which they do you know-this is not a color thing-its an all living matter human or not-thing].  And hopefully they put their money where their mouth is, and that’s great.  That’s what people who can give, should do.    But what about everyone else?  What about the millions of others that watch in disbelief and despair.  The ones that don’t have extra money to give?  Well, we will do the only thing we can.


This is what nurtures and sustains the human spirit.  This is what keeps our dreams alive and gets us up out of bed every day.  What is life, if not hopeful?  Our intentions weave the very fabric of our being.  A little kindness goes a long way.  You think it doesn’t make a difference?  You would be wrong in that thought process.   The kindness you share today, becomes someones inspiration for tomorrow.  So please-pass this on to as many people as you possibly can.  Make it a point to share with the people in your lives, on your facebook pages, just one post from one person is all it takes.  Make it a point to keep HOPE today.  Because tomorrow brings an entirely new set of challenges.


my hope