Just look up

Remember what it was like to day dream? to be the master of your universe and make all those great life plans when you were little?  Today is all about looking up.  Spend 10 minutes uninterrupted and just tilt your head to the sky.  Your inner self will guide you.


I was recently made aware of something called breatharianism.  This is a real thing folks-

1. a person who believes that it is possible to subsist healthily on air alone
2. of or relating to a breatharian: a breatharian purification program
Derived Forms
breatharianism, noun
OK so, I don’t want to piss in anyone’s cheerios here-but you must remember, respect and nourish the trinity.  Your mind, your body and your spirit.  You have a responsibility to feed your mind, your body and your soul.  Your physical form has an organic life of it’s own that works in direct conjunction with your mind/mental/emotional state.  If you neglect one, the other 2 will follow.  There is no if’s ands or buts about it.  This is the difference between being of sound mind, and not of sound mind.  It’s like saying your vegetable garden will grow by faith alone.  No.. it won’t.  It will die like every other thing in nature without food or water to sustain it’s natural growth cycle.  A healthy body helps enforce a healthy mind and spirit.

Now, that doesn’t seem like a long time right?  It’s been 2 months since my launch of the new and improved website.  I’ve given away 13 soul realignment readings, I’ve manifested [worked hard for] extra funds to cover all projects new and old, and I’ve taken a serious interest in the blog once more.  So far from where it all began, an experiment in a yahoo chat room.  I knew I could do it back then, it was the affirmation I needed to continue.  The confidence really.

I no longer need that affirmation.  I am confident and secure in my abilities and I am SO very proud of myself.  I am a GOOD person, down to my soul.  I’m learning more every day, I feel more every day, I’m more aware and conscious of my decisions.  I still plan on setting the world on fire, as always.




Things get busy, kids are out of school, yard work has to be done, and the online presence slows down.  This is a common theme when it’s nice out!  You shouldn’t be in front of your computer.  You need the rest and relaxation with fresh air and sunshine.

So today’s blog is in direct response to one of my clients.  She emailed me this morning and asked “why isn’t this working for me”.  Her problem remains the same, regardless of the reading and removal of blocks and restrictions.  If you continue to do as you’ve always done, you’ll continue to have what you’ve always had.  That is the definition of insanity 🙂  I can show you the path, I can’t walk it for you.  But I’ve given you a map to navigate yourself through-perhaps you should read it?




That’s it.. that is today’s mantra.

todays inspiration

I am a hustler.  I always have been.  What does that mean? I am never afraid to try something new, pursue something new, sell something, make something, learn something.  ALWAYS hungry for fun and knowledge.  This woman here is just one more example of why I do what I do.  I will never stop trying to be the absolute best me I can in this human experience.


From all the wonderful manifestations you’ve been doing.. and there is no better way to break up the study time than with a flash mob!